October 29, 2016 through December 3, 2016


GUEST SPOT @ THE REINSTITUTE presents,  Vincent Como: No Hope. Not Now, Not Ever. Join us for a special Opening Reception on Saturday, October 29, 2016 7pm-10pm.  Accompanying the exhibition will be the release of the publication Hail Thee Holy Darkness,  text by James Harris.  

Vincent Como: No Hope. Not Now, Not Ever explores the concept of the expendable art object, as it relates to over-culturalism and the current global scarcity crisisComo's exhibition subverts the reverence for art history through the use of common materials, repetition, simulation, and the often overlooked nuances of a world rendered whole by its own multiplicity. 

The multiple, a system of synthetic bifurcation,  has contributed to the historic decline and eventual rise of scarcity as a phenomenon by changing the mechanicalism of the familiar.  Familiarity as an aesthetic value construct is predicated on the idea that repetitivere-occurrence of something prior should result in its success; the re-occurrence is both the synthetic cause and affect. Vincent Como’s work explores an idée fixe with a re-cultism that is dominated by an Institutional compass grounded in abundance.  The majority of critique falls on the market-determination of the sublime, which shifts the nostalgic perspective to an ahistorical curation of trends and to a civilization void of scarcity economics. 


No Hope. Not Now, Not Ever. ///  


Vincent Como (b. 1975, Kittanning, PA) has exhibited his work throughout the United States and abroad, including in Mexico, England, and Vienna. Recent solo and group exhibition include Art in General, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Momenta (all NYC); Samson Projects (Boston, MA); Illinois State Museum (Lockport, IL); Western Exhibitions, University of Illinois (both Chicago, IL); Evanston Art Center (Evanston, IL); SPACES (Cleveland, OH); Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (Grand Rapids, MI); Art Museum of the University of Memphis (Memphis, TN); and House Gallery (Salt Lake City, UT), among many others.

Como’s work has been discussed in publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, ArtSlant, Progress Report, WagMag, The Boston Phoenix, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Journal, and Salt Lake Tribune, among others. He holds a BFA in Drawing from the Cleveland Institute of Art (Cleveland, OH).

Vincent Como is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. The focus of his practice is centered on Black as both Subject and Material. Como is represented by MINUS SPACE Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and is a founding member of TSA New York an artist run exhibition space also in Brooklyn.




Hail Thee Holy Darkness, 2016  

Vincent Como: No Hope. Not Now, Not Ever. 

Text by, James Harris


Folded  publication  

8 pages

Edition of 1000