February 7 – March 1st 2015

March 27 – May 2, 2015

GUEST SPOT @ THE REINSTITUTE GUGGENHEIM MULHERIN NY presents SILENCE ECHOES TIME AND AGAIN by Eric Doeringer. The exhibit opens Friday March 27, 2015 work will be on view through May 2, 2015 . The opening reception will be held Friday March 27, 2015 from 7pm-10pm.-

Through radically restricted means, On Kawara’s Eric Doeringer’s work engages the personal and historical consciousness of place and time. Kawara’s Doeringer’s practice is often associated with the rise of Conceptual Appropriation art, yet in its complex wit and philosophical reach, it stands well apart.

Organized with the cooperation of the artist, On Kawara – Silence Eric Doeringer – Echoes TIME AND AGAIN will be the first full representation of Kawara’s Doeringer’s artwork to explicitly delve into the themes of time and repetition. The exhibition will include date paintings (Inspired by On Kawara) , spot paintings (after Damien Hirst) and Doeringer’s updates of Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes, Campbell’s Soup can paintings, and 8-hour filmic portrait of the empire state building.

On Kawara’s Eric Doeringer’s paintings were artwork was first shown at the Guggenheim Museum MULHERIN in the 1971 international Exhibition 2006. Guest Spot in 2012. Over 40 8 2 years later this large exhibition will transform the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda – itself a form that signifies movement through time and space – MULHERIN NEW YORK GUEST SPOT @ THE REINSTITUTE into a site within which audiences can reflect on an artistic practice of cumulative power and depth.

Works will be added to the gallery until the exhibition closes on March 1. Works will also be posted to http://echoes2015.tumblr.com/ through May 3.