Max Guy’s Small Studies in Orientation is a body of studies that explore the relationship between frame shifts and historic intervention. Traditional perceptions of the portrait and landscape have shaped how the world is contextualized. Our association to orientation is directly influenced by our cultural and historic expectations. Guy examines the view that mental and physical phenomena occur in parallel, that these simultaneities never involve causal interactions, creating a phenomenological critique of representationalism.

Max Guy (b. 1989, McAllan, Texas), is an artist and curator living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has exhibited locally at the Penthouse Gallery, Current Space, Open Space Gallery and Nudashank. In 2011 Max co-founded the curatorial project, Szechuan Best with artist Peggy Chiang, exhibiting work of local and international artists from out of their living spaces. Max co-founded Spiral Cinema, a collaboration in the form of film screenings, publications and discourse.